Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Slim and healthy body can be obtained without a strict diet. In addition to regular exercise, consuming these foods can improve the body's metabolism. This super but simple foods are easily obtainable and healthy.

Whole grains have a lot of fiber that can make our stomach full throughout the day. Carbohydrate in wheat can also increase our metabolism and burn fat and maintain the digestive tract.
Black beans
Black beans are rich of protein, fiber, essential nutrients and contain no fat. Its jet black color shows that this type of beans are rich in flavonoids, which are good to destroy fat in the abdomen. Proteins contained in black beans are equal to red meat's.
Avocado contains oleic acid, a compound of monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) that's good for the body. Besides that, fiber and protein in avocado can also maintain our stomach remains full throughout the day and avoid overeating.

Protein in salmon provide satiety longer without adding fat in the body. A study in 2001 stated, diet with MUFAs such as salmon can lose 9 kg of body weight than those with low-fat diet.
Pears contain pectin fiber that able to lower blood sugar levels. Snacking pears will reduce cravings. Women who ate three pears regularly have less calories and less weight gain.
Consuming cooked or raw broccoli helps prevent cancer. Fiber in broccoli are also good to maintain ideal body weight and bone strength.
Many people think consuming peanuts makes us fat. However, the research found that people who ate peanuts experienced more weight loss compare to the others who don't.

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