Saturday, 21 January 2012

Dim sum is always a favorite menu for breakfast, especially if the weather's getting cold in the morning. Tiny meal from Canton, south of China is also very popular in Hong Kong. One of the popular classic dim sum in addition to siau mai and hakau, is chee cheong fun.
Like most of other dim sum, chee cheong fun is made from rice flour dough with a little mixture of starch, water and salt. The dough viscosity affects the chee chong fun texture. Bamboo steamer covered with a piece of cloth and then heated. After that the dough is poured and leveled on it, but it should not be too thin or too thick, about 2-3mm.

After you get a half-cooked dough then stuffed it with beef, shrimp or chopped vegetables. Then rolled up (usually in 3 folds) and place it on a serving plate. And you will get 10 cm in length and 3-4 cm width of Chee Cheong fun on your plate, ready to be chewed.
Dim sum should always be served while still hot, sprinkle crispy fried onions or sesame seeds and a little soy sauce on top of it, and it will be tastier with slices of pastrami. And don't forget to brewed a warm and slighty bitter Oolong tea. :-)

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