Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Soon, we will have a delicious way to reduce the risk of heart attack. Scientists from Italy and Spain said they are developing a type of pasta made ​​from barley flour that is good for the heart.
Barley, cereal type that contain gluten proteins, and currently widely used as a source of flavor in beer and whiskey industries. It's also contain carbohydrates and high protein, as well as folic acid, iron and calcium. Barley is also rich of fiber, antioxidants and vitamin E.
According to Vito Verardo, PhD from the University of Bologna in Italy, and Ana Maria Gomez-Caravaca, PhD from the University of Granada, Spain, soon, there will be barley pasta available in the market, labeled "reduce heart disease and the best source of fiber".

In creating this new pasta, scientists first find out whether they can make spaghetti and other pasta types as "functional foods" using barley feedstock to add fiber and antioxidants. Afterwards the scientists developing new barley flour containing various nutrients essential for health.

As expected, the researchers say spaghetti which is made ​​from barley flour, contains more fiber and antioxidants than conventional spaghetti made ​​from semolina, a type of wheat flour.

They also mention the extra gluten in barley flour will enhance the flavor and quality of the pasta dishes. The researchers are optimistic they will meet the qualifications of food and drug regulatory agency (FDA) to mention the health claims in its packaging.

For several years scientists have known that barley is one of super food, because the nutrients contained in it is improving heart and digestive health.

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