Thursday, 26 January 2012

Although hiccups is not dangerous, it often makes people uncomfortable. But there are some certain foods such as sugar can stop hiccups.

Hiccups is medically known as singultus, the diaphragm condition that convulses out of the ordinary. Hiccups tend to occur when carbon dioxide levels in blood dropped too low.
In addition, toxic gases, smoke, spicy foods and drinks are also sometimes be a trigger of hiccups. Likewise, while eating hot foods alongside with cold foods/drinks.

Hiccups are also a way of telling your body that you eat or drink too much. The scientists also assess hiccup is a reflex that prevents you from choking on food or beverages.

Hiccups are also caused by irritation of the phrenic nerve, the diaphragm motor nerve that helps controlling breathing.

Stress or anger also sometimes trigger hiccups. Hiccups also tells you that there is a foreign object in your ear . Prolonged hiccups can cause someone faint by heart rhythm problems. In addition, a third of chemotherapy patients also complained of continuous hiccups.

Here are some foods that can help stop hiccups:

1. Sugar
Swallowing a teaspoon of dry granulated sugar, can help curing hiccups. By swallowing a sticky powdered granules sugar changes the breathing rhythm, so it will stop the hiccups. Hiccups can also be stopped because of the perceived sweet sensation of nerve endings in the mouth.

2. Peanut butter
One tablespoon of peanut butter can also cure hiccups. Same reason with swallowing sugar, peanut butter is so sticky that could change the rhythm of breath.
3. Lemon
Chewing a slice of fresh lemon can disrupt the pattern of the vagus nerve impulses, which can stop hiccups. Besides chewing, eating or sucking on a slice of pickled lemon, will give the same effect as chewing a slice of fresh lemon.
4. Water
Simply drink a glass of water can help stop the hiccups. Swallowing water can disrupt the hiccup cycle and calm the nerves. Gargling water can also cure hiccups.



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