Friday, 20 January 2012

Not feeling well? Please don't rush to take medicine from your first aid box. When you get a fever or flu, in addition taking a good rest, try to eat nutritious foods that can help build your immunity. These foods are actually really delicious and not too hard to obtained.

since ancient times, our ancestors always rely on natural ingredients for health. Herbs are believed to be more powerful and more easily to restore health, and these foods are believed to help health recovering:

1. Chicken soup
Since ancient times, chicken soup has been reliable to help through cold weather. Chicken Soup can provide warmth and good nutrition for body. Many people also believe chicken soup can help relieve influensa.
2. Honey
Because of the natural sweet taste, honey can be the most delicious 'medicine' on the tongue. Honey has been tested in a scientific research for curing sore throat. According to the study, the effect of healing by dringking honey is the same as drinking commercial cough medicine .
3. Banana
Molly Kimball, RD, a Sports Dietetics in New Orleans, advised to eat a banana when feeling stressed and anxious. Eating a medium-size banana can help the brain producing serotonin, which helps out of stress.
4. Yogurt
According to a study in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2002, one half cup of yogurt helps body digestion. Good bacteria contained in it also enhances the ability of the intestines to digest food.
5. Cabbage
Cabbage is believed to overcome ulcer. A study at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 2002 found sulforaphane, a major compound in cabbage can fight the bacteria causes stomach pain. Cabbage also contains vitamin C in significant amounts.
6. Basil
Basil leaves can relieve abdominal pain. A study revealed that the eugenol that found in basil leaves could protect the intestine from the sore, cramping, and diarrhea by killing bad bacteria in the stomach.

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