Saturday, 21 January 2012

Although Peking duck is traditional Chinese dishes, but it has become a very popular dish in America. Because of the popularity, the land of Uncle Sam is making a special national day for Peking duck, a few days ago.
Peking Duck is a traditional dish originally from Beijing, China. But its popularity has been worldwide. Delicacy of duck meat with its crispy skin and the tenderness plus juicy inside, has been recognized around the world including in America.

The origin of peking duck came from Yuan Dynasty in the 1200s. And it became the favorite dish in the Ming Dynasty. In Beijing itself, there is a Peking Duck restaurant that serves this menu since more than 600 years ago.

This delicious peking duck was originally derived from the duck in Nanjing city , China. Characteristic of this duck is its black fur and normally wandering around the bridge near the water around the city. But with Chinese capital moving to Beijing make its population in the city of Nanjing is reduced due to pollution.
After the fifth dynasty, eventually a new species of duck is successfully created by local farmers. Currently peking duck dish using a new type of duck called the Peking duck (Anas platyrhynchos domestica).

In the middle of the 20th century, the peking duck had been recognized to be the national dish of China. Its widespread popularity after many Chinese restaurants in various countries presented Peking duck as one of their flagship dish.
Henry Kissinger, Secretary of the U.S. president in the 1970s was a fan of Peking Duck. He tried the menu when meeting Prime Minister Zhou Enlai during his first visit in China. Another fan of Peking Duck is President Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, and Helmut Kohl. Peking Duck's popularity exploded in Americain 1975 after Chinese restaurants in America served it as one of their menu.

Like another national foods days, such as Chocolate-Filled Cherry Day, National Hot Dog, the National Ice Cream Month, etc. At January 18th, 2012, Americans were celebrating the National Peking Duck Day. Most of americans went to a Chinese restaurant to enjoy a Peking Duck dish that is processed into varieties of cuisines.

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