Thursday, 2 February 2012

Weekend is usually the time for parents to 'atone' on their children. Ice cream, chocolate, fried chicken or burgers, You will easily give all of them as a 'gift' to your kids. Be careful, this habit could actually damage the health of your beloved children!

Recent research conducted by British Heart Foundation, shows children today can no longer be wooed with a bag of potato chips or chocolate. Because these foods are now their daily foods and easily obtained.

"Food is one of parents' ways to show affection to their children," said Judy More, dietitian and nutritionist who specialises in child nutrition.

"Low-income families are still capable to spoil their children with cheap chocolate  or chips. But, middle class family is doing the same" said Judy.
Excessive consumption of sugar, salt and fat will cause obesity to children. Overweight children, as compared to children with a healthy weight, are more likely to develop many health problems such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure, which are associated with heart disease in adults. Type 2 diabetes, previously considered an adult disease, has increased dramatically in overweight children and adolescents. Children at a healthy weight are free of these weight-related diseases and less at risk of developing these diseases in adulthood. Obesity may also interfere with children's physical activity, and their concentration while in the class.

What children eat today is much different than the kids in the 1950's. In the past, children consumed lots of fiber from whole grain bread and milk for calcium. They also ate less sugar of soft drinks and candy.

Children 60 years ago also consumed lots of vegetables and fruits as a source of fiber and minerals, red meat as a source of iron that are essential for their growth.

Ironically, modern children are now crammed with too many sugary foods and a variety of salty chips. Parents should really care what their children eat.

In matters of activities, children in the past were more active, so there was good balance between food intake and energy spent. And because of that, obesity was less common.

Foods Industry should also participate in this matter, reducing salt in a variety of chips and no longer selling chocolate in large size. Parents in the UK also require government intervention such as the prohibition of appealing snacks and chocolate on the shelves within easy reach of children.

The British Heart Foundation even asking food manufacturers to label 'Junk Food' on the food they produce and stop tucking a variety of games and prizes on food packaging and their website.

Well, Do you have the heart to seize your child's favorite chocolate or potato chips? Start with small changes. For example, invite your children to make their own food, which are more healthy, delicious and inexpensive. Are you ready?



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