Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Fish is rich in nutrients. Its nutrients even exceeds the other sources of protein, so it is important to understand the right way how to store fish. The correct way will minimize the lost of nutrients during storage. Here are some tips that might help you keep your fish better at home:

  1. After you bought the fish and get home, clean the fish and store it in refrigerator (if you don't want to process it immediately).
  2. In the cleaning process, use cold water. It's better to use water that has been filled with ice cubes to help remove dirt and bacteria in fish.
  3. Dry the fish with a clean cloth or paper towels in order to remove any residual water left in the fish. Water can be a good  media for bacterial growth.
  4. Put the fish in an airtight plastic bag, but before, coat the fish with paper so the moisture from cold air of refrigerator, doesn't seep into the fish.
  5. To maintain oil levels in fish, particularly in salmon, store the fish up to three months. The longer it is stored, more of fish oil will come out, so that when it's ready to be served as a meal, the fish will be more juicy.

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