Saturday, 4 February 2012

Do you often eat in hurry? If you're trying to lose some weight, avoid this habit. Eating in a calm and relaxed will effect on body weight. Just enjoy every taste, texture and aroma of food slowly!

Due to the short lunch/dinner time and tight activities, often make people tend to eat and chew their food in hurry. If you are currently trying to lose weight, avoid this bad habit.

The study conducted by University of Rhode Island found that those who want to have a slimmer body are advised to chew food longer. Chewing longer will significantly reduce the amount of calories into the body.

The study involved two groups, women and men as participants. Men tend to have a habit of eating more quickly than women. The result, men tend to be heavier. By chewing longer, make the brain sends satiety signal to the stomach, so the body does not want to eat more.

Chewing for longer time also lowers ghrelin, hunger hormones circulating in the digestive system. This hormone was found lower on responders that chewing food slowly. This is an effective and simple solution to overcome the problem of obesity.

Kathleen Melanson, a professor of nutrition at the University of Rhode Island noted that people who eat fast are able to consumed 100 grams of food per minute, medium speed for 70 grams of food per minute, while the slow eaters consumed 60 grams per minute.

This is the first discovery confirmed that people who eat a high pace tend to have excess body weight, than those who were slower. That way, this shows a link between eating pace and weight.

Eating too fast is very influential on obesity. Therefore, ehen eating fast, body will not aware of satiety. Conversely, when you eat more slowly, the body can taste food, smell, and feel the texture, which makes people pay more attention to what they eat and how much food is in, so the stomach tend to be full longer.

Other researchers also agree with the opinion of Melanson that gender is related in speed of eating. Because, during the lunch time, It was found that men consumed 80 calories per minute and women consumed only 52 calories per minute.

Melanson adds that, those who eat quickly have a relationship with greater energy requirements. That is why many of men eat quickly, because a man needs a higher energy than the women.

Even so, the relationship between speed of eating with obesity remains to be studied properly. Melanson adds that, those who ate slowly produces fewer calories, compared with those who ate fast.

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